How do I design my own wedding stationery?

Congratulations!  You've set the date - what is the next step toward your perfect, dream wedding?  You guessed it... planning.

You may decide to take up the services of a wedding planner to guide you on the journey to your big day.  If you prefer to do it yourself, here are some tips that will help you in the process.  


The key to simplifying your wedding planning is to start with a theme.  Aspects such as your venue, the season, your favourite past-times and budget can all influence your theme.  There are no hard and fast rules - its your wedding!  You may decide on a mix of several themes that blend to make something that is authentic to you.  Whatever the theme is, it will help tie everything together and bring a focus into the decision making process when faced with myriad of choices.  Here are some ideas...

Romantic Modern Funny Rustic
Whimsical Formal Glamour Garden Party
Vintage Elegant Hollywood Winter
Bohemian Classic Art Deco Spring
Nautical Beach 50's Rock n Roll Summer
Nature Tropical Floral Autumn
Old Fashioned Festival Steampunk A Destination
Sustainability Sunflowers Colour Marvel
Winery Cartoon Video Games Organic


Colours and Shapes

The next step is to think about your colours - would you prefer bright, pastel, neutral, black & white …  And the shapes - would you prefer straight lines, square, rectangles or curves, circles and ovals?  What fits with your theme?


Along with the colours and shapes, your choice of font affects the mood of your design.  Its a good idea to choose two fonts that compliment each other.  The main font is normally used in your title or headline text. It’s meant to stand out.  Your secondary font is used for the other information.  Ideally, the fonts should be very different but also able to fit together well.  With 1000's of fonts to choose from, this is where going back to your theme can help narrow down your search!


Keeping the end in mind, the final step is to think about what paper or card your design will be printed on.  Will it be matte, glossy, textured, recycled, parchment, coloured...?   

Let us know your ideas and we can put together some samples for you to refine until you have your perfect look.

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