What are the NZ Standard Paper Sizes?

The most popular paper size in New Zealand is A4 - this is the size you would normally have in your home printer.  Other standard sizes are referenced in a series beginning with 'A' followed by a number between 0 - 8.  Beware of the sizing before you place an order... - the larger the number, the smaller the piece of paper!


 Paper Size Width x Height (mm)
A0 841mm x 1189mm
A1 594mm x 841mm
A2 420mm x 594mm
A3 297mm x 420mm
A4 210mm x 297mm
A5 148mm x 210mm
A6 105mm x 148mm
A7 74mm x 105mm
A8 52mm x 74mm

While standard sizes are the most popular, at Frame 'n' Copy we can custom print to any dimension for that special project.  

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